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Hej alllihopa,
I am back hopefully with new energy but also with some changes. As you can see I already changed a bit the look of my blog. I am not sure if this will be the end result but we will see. Besides of this I decided to write in german from now on. You will still be able to find a english translation at the end of each blog post. I just felt that writing in my mother language is much easier and gives me the possibility to impress my feelings an thoughts in a better and more correct way. But like I wrote before there will always be a english translation. That one might just be not as detailed as the german one. Let me know what you think. So lets get started, for the english version scroll down to the end of this blog post. ---------------------------
So hier erst ein Mal ein paar Worte in Deutsch. Nach bald drei Jahren mit diesem Blog und in Schweden fühl ich mich etwas müde immer alles auf Englisch zu schreiben. Auch wenn mein Englisch gut ist, ist es nicht perfekt und an …

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